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IELTS Preparation and Training Course ( class room and online ), Online IELTS Preparation Trainer.

High Profile SGC is an institute which has set higher standards and new benchmarks in "IELTS training" (International English Language Testing

System -This  English test is required for immigration and studying abroad and it is helpful for people who want a fast track career in the

corporate world).The institute has produced the finest gems who have accomplished the pinnacle of success in  different areas of ielts test( 9

band score i.e.100% score in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules). Established in the year 2000, we have 13 years experience in

ielts  and communication skills training. We offer training for both Academic and General Training module of ielts test.

Class room sessions are offered between 9 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday).Classroom sessions cover orientation,practice and feedback on

all the four modules of Ielts test  viz: Listening,Reading,Writing and Speaking.We offer excellent ambience and ample mock tests to

students.Personal attention is paid to each student giving them tips to improve their score. For those students  who are not able to attend the

classes regularly, a special preparation plan can be worked out.

"IELTS test preparation" is challenging and proper guidance can help you develop your skills step by step to attain the desired score. With over

12+ years of experience, we offer classroom and "Online IELTS preparation" and "IELTS coaching classes" of various duration. High Profile SGC

is committed to help you get the desired score in IELTS test. We also help you in upgrading your academic vocabulary which helps you in

attaining a high score(8/8.5/9 band score)in Cambridge ielts test.

Admissions are open for online IELTS training course ( Target 7+) for Australia,Canada,UK,Saudi Arabia,Singapore,Europe,USA and India for both Academic and General Training modules.

Helpline number: +91-9229867353 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This course is offered through Skype. As this is an online course, students from any part of the world

can avail it. This is offered as both 1:1 and to a small group of students.

This course is available for both Academic and General Training module. Some International students are

interested in taking the course for only one particular section such as Writing, Reading , Listening or

Speaking. We cater to their needs as well. Many students from USA, Canada, Saudi

Arabia, Oman(UAE), Australia, South Korea, Uk, Italy, Switzerland ( Europe )and India have accomplished

excellent results. Prompt feedback, useful tips, tutorials and ample practice tests are the unique features of

this course. Last but not least,it is offered by a senior ielts trainer with 13 years experience in ielts

training.Online ielts essays,letters and graphs correction services are available.

Online Ielts Writing Course( for 7 + band)

Many students find it hard to score 7 in Writing module although they are able to score 7+ in other modules.

This course is ideal for those who score between 5.5 to 6.5 in ielts Writing module. This course will enable you to understand

why you are not getting the required band score.We will help you with tutorials and feedback so that you can accomplish your dream score.

Our IELTS test Achievers

Congratulations to Mr Mohammed Jibran Khan, Australia on achieving 8 band score ( 8 in Writing).

Congratulations to Ms Manraj Kang , Mr Prabhash Chandra and Mr Dhaval Shah on scoring 7.5,7.5 and 7 band score respectively in ielts

Congratulations to Mr Ahmed Elaskar on scoring 9 in General Training Reading (8 overall)

Congratulations to Ms Sripriya Polu (7 in each section in General training) and

Arvinder Singh on scoring 8.5 in Academic Reading  (7.5 overall )

Congratulation to Mr Gurmeet Singh on scoring 8.5 in Listening and 8 in Academic Reading.

Congratulations to Mr Pundit (Pune) on scoring 9 in General Trg Reading( overall 8 band score)

Congratulations to Mr. Pankaj Pai Kakode (our online student from Goa, India) 
on scoring 8.5
Overall in IELTS General Training (Listening=8.5, Reading=9, Writing=8.5, Speaking=8).

Mr Pankaj also appeared for Academic module and scored  8.5 overall with 9 in Reading and 8.5 in Speaking.

Congratulations to Mr. Abhilash Jaiswal on scoring 8 in Academic module.
(Listening=8, Reading=8, Writing=8, Speaking=7.5).

Congratulations to Mr Himanshu Bansal on scoring 7.5 ( 9 in listening: our online student from New Delhi)

Congratulations to Ms Binsi on scoring 7 in each section of Academic module.(Our online student from UK)

Congratulations to Mr Shenoy  and  Miss Harsimran Kaur on scoring 8 in ielts test.

Congratulations to Mr Gurvinder Singh on scoring 9 in Listening and 8.5 in Academic Reading.

Congratulations to Mr Agam Saluja on scoring 8.5 in Listening.

Congratulations to Mr Abhisekh ,our online student from Delhi on scoring 9 band score  in General training Reading.

Congratulations to Ms Bhavani Harshini,our online ielts student from London on scoring 7.5 band score

Congratulations to Mr Kaushal,our online ielts student from UAE on scoring 8 in General Training (9 in Reading)

Congratulations to Swapnil Sagar on scoring 9 in Academic Reading (overall 8)

Congratulations to Ms Elizabeth on scoring 8.5 in IELTS Academic Reading.

Congratulations to Dr. Anuradha Mahadik on scoring overall 8 (9 band score in Reading).

Congratulations to Lovepreet Singh on scoring 8.5 band score in Academic Reading and overall 7.5 band score.

Congratulations to Ms Shikha Budhlani  & Amandeep Singh Deol on accomplishing 7 band score in ielts test.

Congratulations to Mr Ankur Joshi on scoring 9 in Listening (100%) ,and overall 7.5 band score in ielts test.

Congratulations on attaining overall 8 band score in ielts test to Dr Manisha Chouhan, Dr Parth Shukla and Dr Mahima Indulkar.

Congratulations to Tej Anand and Dr Amruta Gupte on accomplishing  7.5 band score in ielts test.

Congratulations to Neelesh Kumar Singhal (7.5 band score), Mahek Dhoot (7 ), Dr Lisa Joshi (7).

Congratulations to Mihir Jain on achieving 7 band score in ielts (Academic Module).

Congratulations to Miss Garima Sharma on  scoring 7 in ielts(GTR):Online ielts student from Canada.

Spoken English with introduction to American Accent

training certificate course is offered

( ESL-Class room and online course) to  Indore locals

( Madhya Pradesh,India)  , NRIs, students and professionals who are in

other parts of India ,  abroad  in Saudi Arabia,Australia,Europe,UK,Canada  NZ and USA.

This course would cover grammar basics, fluency and coherence, vocabulary, writing skills and pronunciation.
Importance of English cannot be denied in today's global world. Give an edge to your career by developing English
Proficiency. Online sessions are offered through Skype .
Good results are assured.Document correction services are also offered.

Study Abroad Consultancy Helpline number: +91-9229867353

(options with and without IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GRE/SAT/GMAT)

High Profile SGC is the oldest "IELTS Coaching" center in Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India), which is well known for consistently good "IELTS

test" results and study overseas guidance for admissions in global/international universities and colleges.

In "Study abroad Career Counseling" we offer free counseling for admissions to " global universities overseas", right advice in choosing the

proper course in international universities , free  student visa counseling, help in preparing SOP (statement of purpose), Guidance regarding

Letters of Recommendation/Reference (LORs) and education loan/bank loan guidance, scholarships offered by international institutions, colleges

and universities and internships abroad. We provide you an appropriate and large choice of international  universities in Australia, Canada, New

Zealand, UK, USA, Ireland, Mauritius, Switzerland, Dubai , Singapore, Malaysia, Ukraine etc. Abroad education is very much affordable these days

and the decision to study overseas can be a wise and rewarding career decision. We offer study abroad options without any entrance tests such

as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. There are study abroad options with guaranteed paid jobs through internships as well.

IELTS test registration centre for IDP: IELTS Australia.

Call +91-9229867353

Skype ID for online IELTS classes/Training:pravinsalkade

(Score 7/8/9 bands in each section of ielts test.)

Mail at - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India)

Free Education (UG/PG) in one of the top 500 universities in the world. No tuition fee*.

IELTS/GRE: not mandatory.Low cost of Education and living in Europe( from Rs.1.4 lacs/annum)+

Post Study work

Study in New Zealand  and in Europe without ielts*( New)


Congratulations to Mr Amratpal Singh Bhatia on obtaining Australian student visa

Congratulations to Mr Vaibhav Patel on obtaining Canada Student visa.

*Congratulations to  Mr. Umar Farooq ,Mr Shahul Patel,Mr Mohd Oves Khan

and Mr Sharad Jaiswal on obtaining Mauritius Student Visa.

*Congratulations to Mr Ankur Joshi on getting Australian Student visa +Spouse visa for Mrs. Takshi.

*Congratulations to Miss Prabhjot Kaur Litt on getting 5 years USA visa.

*Congratulations to Miss Prabhdeep Kaur Sandhu on obtaining UK study visa for 40 months.

Study in English Speaking European countries: Denmark (with ielts),

((Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia (without ielts))


Visit of IDP:IELTS Australia's India Head to High Profile SGC.

Mr Vishal Gupta IDP: IELTS Australia's India Head visited our institute and shared

valuable insights about the ielts test and gave tips to IELTS test takers.

IELTS test dates in Indore, Bhopal or in rest of India in 2014

IDP Indore, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) Dates for IELTS test in 2014: 7 June,2014, 6 september

British Council Indore, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) IELTS test dates in 2014:

IDP Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Madya Pradesh (M.P.) Dates for IELTS test in 2014

17 May,21 June (2014),19th July,16th August,20th September

**Book your test now.**

for British Council ielts dates in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur etc
OR test/exam result can also be viewed on theses British council and

IDP, Australia's sites respectively.

"For Online IELTS preparation, Online Study abroad training, you can find the information on various pages of this website."

IDP IELTS test dates in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Jammu, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Pune, Baroda, Haryana, Patna, Noida, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Durg, Vishakhapattanam etc.


MBBS in Ukraine (Europe): No donation + low and stable tuition fees.

Contact us for 2014 admissions. There is no entrance test. Also, Indian mess is available. You too

can become a doctor from  a world class university in Europe.If you have above 50% in PCB ,you are eligible.

Medium of Instruction is English-WHO and MCI recognised. No NEET(PMT).

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